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He eventually went on to write an article on “compliance and value” which turned out to be an amazing piece of work, as it was well received by many popular dating coaches/PUAs.It was at this point where Vin decided to start up his own company in the industry, and in 2007, he left “The Approach” to start up his company, “Di Carlo Di Classified”.Solving Problems Without Fighting: 7 Tricks To Keep Fights Short & End Them With Make Up Sex…Be A Better – And Bigger – Lover In 30 Minutes: How To Please Your Woman More Than A Woman Has Any Right To Be Pleased, And Be Her Sex God… Most of my products teach men how to successfully approach, flirt and date a woman based on her personality type.That all being said, this post is going to discuss my thoughts on the program, the pros and cons of using the system, and my recommendation on what types of guys I think would get a lot out of the system, and which guys it might not be best suited for.The program is billed as “The Man’s Guide To The Female Mind”, which certainly seems like something that would be helpful to have.And here’s the good part – when you know which of the 8 types she is, you’ll know exactly what to do to get on a date and/or into bed.The system is pretty customizable in that I know some guys might have a more “respectful” approach and not just want to be banging chicks right away, so you can definitely use it if you prefer to move slower.

This is pretty extensive, but that’s a good thing in that you will definitely feel like you have gotten A LOT for your money.

And it means that you’ll have a lot of material to go through later on whenever you need help with a specific type of situation that has come up in your personal life.

One thing I’d say is to try not to feel overwhelmed by all the material.

I mean, most guys probably don’t want to get a Ph D in female psychology just so that they can understand women better, but we do want to know the secrets to getting women attracted to us, and so forth so that we can get laid more, get more dates, get a super sexy girlfriend and that sort of thing…

The big breakthrough in this program is that it recognizes that not every woman responds to the same things from men.

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Vin pushes on his students to approach more and more women all the time, as this not only makes approaching easier, but also increases the man’s chances of meeting the truly amazing woman that he deserves.

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