Randy orton dating history

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Randy orton dating history

Though we listed the obvious and current stables and tag teams together, we added up wrestlers individually. Randy Orton is a WWE veteran with a lot of notches on his proverbial title belt.His father is WWE Hall of Famer “Cowboy” Bob Orton and his grandfather was the late Bob Orton Sr., known as “The Big O.” His uncle was Barry “Barro O” Orton.

Orton was the first WWE World Heavyweight Champion in history after the WWE and World Heavyweight Titles were unified.Getting a WWE championship at a young age is certainly a sign you are doing well; this also happened to Orton. Former female wrestlers have spoken out about Orton’s attitude, but this attitude has also been visible in media interviews.More even, Randy Orton is still the youngest WWE World Heavyweight Champion in history! Several reporters have left an interview with Randy Orton terrified.The storyline has been so well done, the two have not appeared in the ring together in two weeks and it was still arguably the strongest program headed into Summer Slam.  It literally came to the point where all these two needed to further their infallible feud were diss tracks.In Orton, Kingston could finally sink his teeth into a three-dimensional conflict that was sure to lead to a satisfying in-ring payoff.

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After Orton enlisted in the Marines Corps, he went AWOL twice; this after disobeying a direct order from a commanding officer. Fortunately, it seems he has calmed down a bit over the years… Orton’s attitude towards fans can be seen as understandable after 2013.