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Mike wanted Deirdre to leave Ken but they worked through their problems and came out of the ordeal stronger.

The marriage lasted seven more years, ending when Ken had an affair with his secretary Wendy Crozier and Deirdre threw him out.

Deirdre crossed paths with Alan again in March 1973 when she was invited to a party at his home of 11 Coronation Street by friend Julie Quinn who was seeing party host Billy Walker.

Deirdre got drunk and clung to Alan, who was bored by her conversation but unable to shake her off even after she rung for another friend, Carol Wyatt, to join the party.

Unbeknownst to Alan, Deirdre crashed out at No.11 in Lucille Hewitt's bedroom.

In doing so she created another row for the Howards when a returning Elsie found Deirdre on the stairs in her underclothes the next day and immediately jumped to conclusions.

When asked, Billy admitted he also had doubts, and he ended the relationship, leaving Weatherfield.Len was still concerned about keeping costs down and threatened to sack Deirdre only weeks in to her employment, but was forced to back down when Ray and Jerry threatened to walk out too.Deirdre helped keep the business afloat with Jerry when Len and Ray temporarily went elsewhere.Donald was run over outside the house when she was seven years old and Deirdre witnessed the tragedy.On a number of occasions Deirdre repeatedly mentioned a former boyfriend known as Seb H.

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Deirdre responded by going out and being picked up by oil-rigger Maurice Gordon.