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The country's strict new laws were announced in 2014, and have been rolled out gradually.The latest phase of implementation, including the brutal new provisions, was quietly announced on the Brunei attorney general's website on December 29, 2018."Brunei must immediately halt its plans to implement these vicious punishments, and revise its Penal Code in compliance with its human rights obligations.The move comes at a moment of change for LGBTQ rights in Asia: even as nations like India–whose Supreme Court decriminalized homosexuality in 2018–have expanded rights, others including Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei have cracked down.Advocates in the region now hope Taiwan’s example can help tip the scales toward inclusion.It needs to act to eliminate all forms of discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation, gender identities and intersex status."In mainland China, where homosexuality is legal but prejudices and discrimination against LGBT people persist under Communist Party rule, an author of same-sex erotic fiction was sent to jail for 10 years in November.In April, the ruler of the tiny, oil-rich kingdom of Brunei announced he would introduce death by stoning for those convicted of gay sex.

Despite such limitations, the legislation gained the backing of LGBTQ groups, which saw it as the best option available for equality."Personally I don't have plans to get married, but I think it's a sign for equality.""The Chinese government has pointed to cultural tradition as a reason for same-sex marriage being unsuitable in China.But the decision in Taiwan, which shares a cultural tradition with us, proves that Chinese culture can be open, diverse and progressive."In 2015, veteran gay rights activist Chi Chia-wei -- who has spent 30 years fighting for marriage equality -- filed a request to the Constitutional Court asking for a ruling on an article in the island's civil code stating that marriage is between a man and a woman.No one should be criminalized based on their sexual orientation or gender identity." The UK's Secretary of State for International Development Penny Mordaunt said "No one should face the death penalty because of who they love.Brunei's decision is barbaric and the UK stands with the LGBT community and those who defend their rights.

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Chinese state media tweeted a congratulatory message in support of the law on May 18, but Taiwan’s lawmakers rebuked the praise, seeing it as an attempt by Beijing to take credit for the new law while diminishing their autonomy.

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