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Unfortunately (or fortunately), you’re not ready to commit, because you have just gotten out from...

Best App To Find Friends With Benefits: 6 Best FWB Apps that Cater to Your Different Needs and Wants With so many FWB Apps in the Dating Market competing for a share of the pie, it can be challenging sometimes to locate the Best Dating App that actually works. Rebound Relationship: Top 4 Sensible Steps to Avoid Picking Up a Rebound Boyfriend After a Breakup It’s ridiculously easy to ‘fall in love’ with someone when most of the time it’s an illusion; a surge of emotions that overwhelm you especially when you’re in an emotionally fragile state. How To Get Over A Breakup: Trying Hard to Snap Out of a Break Up?

Not only in terms of scams and cons but real individuals, a whopping 80% of online daters admit that they lie about one or more things in their online profiles.

If you’ve signed up for an online dating service, it’s likely that you’ve been messaged by some fake online profiles.

This isn’t only a problem with online dating profiles.

All told, 60% of all online profiles are either inactive or faked.

It’s too easy to lie on dating profiles, so it’s important that you always have a healthy amount of suspicion.

Another study has shown an even more shocking number, stating that 90% of users fiddle with their facts on their online profiles.

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Besides, that’s one of the biggest perks of being in a Casual Relationship...

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