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Fortune favors the bold who send a text with the correct use of “you’re.”A ship in the harbor is safe, but your ship is the reason I slid into your DMs.

All work and no play makes Jack another dull boy who still hasn’t texted me back. A profile picture is worth a thousand questions about what year it was taken.

It takes two to tango but come on, man — don’t use a dance-lesson Groupon on the first date. What goes around, comes around every few months to say “U up?

”If the mountain won’t come to Muhammad, Muhammad should at least agree to meet at a bar in the middle.

Absence makes the heart remember it has commitment issues.

Keep your friends close and your friends with benefits at emotionally safe distances.

Teach a man to fish and it’s the only profile picture he’ll ever use. A life with love will have some thorns, but a life without love will be something your parents ask about every time they call.

Nothing is sexier to a woman than a guy that is so confident that makes her really work for it.

Don't be a wimp: - stand by your opinions or you become a total wimp.

It takes a village to realize you’ve dated everyone in the village.

Good things come to those who can uncover the entire life history of a dating app match with only a first name to work with.

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It is more like it's state motto, "The Last Frontier". I have learned to navigate this city in the darkness. So, up until yesterday (Saturday) I was exploring this city in the dark. They appear to embrace it and know that it won't be long until the sun stays around for a majority of the 24 hours of the day.