Sccm state messages not updating

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Sccm state messages not updating

As a first step to attempt to resolve the problem, I deleted the Software Update Deployment Package and then rebuilt it from the source path.The files did not build up in Microsoft Configuration Manager\inboxes\\retry\, and the problem where the component status messages stopped being display did not recur.: sp_Ins Content Distribution Status SMS_STATUS_MANAGER 2/19/2016 AM 4648 (0x1228) exec sp_Ins Content Distribution Status N'', N'RTM00405', 0, 72057594038182832, 2361, '02/18/2016 .240', N'\\dfs\Packages\Microsoft\Updates\Windows 7 Server 2008 R2 Office 2010 Patch Tuesday Updates 2015289d79-38a1-44a3-a2a7-5f54febcb70b', N'95289d79-38a1-44a3-a2a7-5f54febcb70b', N'95289d79-38a1-44a3-a2a7-5f54febcb70b', N'30', N'69', N''; As I looked through the files containing the problem transactions, I noticed a pattern appear.Each file contained a stored procedure named “sp_Ins Content Distribution Status”, and each of these stored procedures involved the source path to a Microsoft update in one of my Software Update Deployment Packages.In “Connect to Network Folder” step set account name is %SMSConnect Network Folder Account% and leave password empty.” “Mask sensitive data stored in task sequence variables.In the Set Task Sequence Variable step, select the option to “Do not display this value”.

We tried to get more information from Microsoft Support to better understand the root cause.Something was preventing new logs from being created.The Component Status logs are found under the Monitoring node, by expanding System Status and then selecting Component Status.Get the query from Git Hub, change Package ID to your OSD Package ID” “use “dial_me_in_baby.sms” to turn on all logging very quickly.” “Replace CMTrace with Config Mgr support center.We tell all our customers that report client issues to collect a set of logs for us with it.

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threw down the gauntlet, asking that the lone SCCM tip become an entire month’s event, and then responding with the second.

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