Homestar runner dating service

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Homestar runner dating service

WN: Any other people involved in Homestar WN: Are there other projects that you're working on? Mike did graphic design work for props and I ended up being in it.

Matt: We have business types who do the stuff that me and Mike don't ever want to think about or touch with a 10-foot pole…. They had me listed as Strong Bad in the credits, which is pretty funny.

Hopefully that involves Homestar Runner in one way or another.

WN: Think we'll be seeing pop-up ads anytime soon? Mike: We'll just quit if that's the only way to survive.

Matt: Or Homestar could morph into something that's not on the Internet.

I feel like we could do Homestar for as long as we wanted, but the goal is to just keep doing creative stuff on our own and make a living at it.

But I think it would be the kind of thing where we do it for a month or so and just take a little hiatus from Homestar.

We didn't really know how to use computers at all. Matt: In high school we started listening to indie rock and underground indie music. Matt: That definitely comes out, that punk rock DIY vibe the site has, that "We're not going to use advertising and we're not gonna go on TV! We made movies all through junior high and college and junk like that, so we'd like to incorporate more Quick Time movies on the site. Melissa: The neighbors would come over and fill orders. Melissa: The minivan would run to the post office twice a day with lots of packages. Somebody was making bootleg plush Cheat dolls, which looked awful, and we shut them down.

They're just little black line drawings on paper. Matt: We grew up watching old and Charlie Brown, where it's this group of characters that are either slightly animal or not necessarily human with no definite age, but they're sort of kids. "Melissa: We've all done the indie rock, "let's play in a band" thing. WN: With animation on the site, people might assume you have some technology background. We'd like to continue to fool people to think that. We ended up having to divide their pingpong table into quadrants in the basement of their parents' house…. It's flattering that we're getting to the point where people are ripping us off, but we have to put the legal crap in place to protect ourselves.

Parents need to know that there is some "potty humor" and cartoon violence depicted on the site.

Families who visit this site will be disappointed that, despite the appealing cartoon characters, it's not for children.

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" /Parents need to know that there is some "potty humor" and cartoon violence depicted on the site.