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Insiders say that Marylou's long-troubled relationship with Hank suffered when he chose as his first wife a colorful New Orleans debutante named Lanier Long, who was inevitably described as "a junior Marylou." Not surprisingly, "Marylou hated her on sight," says a friend of the family.

The two divorced in 1996, and following his mother's lead, Hank moved to Anchorage, where he recently became engaged to the ex-wife of a prominent local millionaire.

"Marylou's not used to old people," John explained.) Saratoga is Marylou's principal address and the place where she votes.

"He would talk about how his mother was carrying on with her young boyfriend. He was a man of black moods who once, according to a family member, became convinced that one of his three other wives was in cahoots with the butler to put cyanide in his coffee. "I have to tell you, that's very interesting," says Marylou.But it worked: The State of New York, which originally offered around million, finally made an offer Marylou was willing to accept -- .1 million. " Hendrickson also wins high marks from Hobbs: "The kind of thing John did in the Adirondacks is the kind of thing Uncle Sonny might have done as a young man." Even Chris Ballantyne of the Sierra Club, who staged a black-tie protest with "tasteful signs" at last year's Whitney Gala, admits he's intrigued by the John-and-Marylou team."If you were Marylou Whitney," said an environmental leader, "you'd want somebody like Hendrickson to do the dirty work." John doesn't just know how to turn the charm on -- he can turn it off, as well. "He's young and driven, and she wants to be young and is even more driven than he is," Ballantyne said. John and I have a little Trappist cabin in the Adirondacks, and we have so much fun there that we've said that we could live there." Of course, in reality, they spend the year traveling by private jet among Marylou's houses.Whitney Park, after Sonny's grandfather, New York street-car magnate and secretary of the Navy under Grover Cleveland.(Endearingly uninfected by political correctness, Marylou, an ardent Republican, horrified Albany legislators when the deal was announced, by noting, in a long and impassioned speech, that Whitney was "the first white man" to explore the region and that the Whitneys had "brought religion" to the Iroquois.) Of course, what everybody wants to know is what kind of prenup the lovebirds have.

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They also recently went on safari in Kenya, and a photograph in an album on the Cady Hill sun porch shows Marylou, Joan Rivers, and Blaine Trump standing on one leg in imitation of a nearby flock of Kenyan flamingos. Early in their relationship, John paid to take Marylou on an economy cruise around Alaska, one that happened to be filled with a large number of retirees. For one thing, says John, she was not used to queuing up for food and shuffleboard.