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Posted by / 18-Apr-2019 23:18

I followed the instructions from the PDF at ( to create a blog (great easy-to-follow guide).The most relevant pages for Views are pages 34 - 36, where he takes you through how to create a "Blog Post" view, in order to display your blog content correctly.This was something that worked in a previous iteration but now does not work.Here are 2 screenshots of my View settings, in case it's relevant: Panels and see if the Node Template option under Manage pages is enabled. You can tell if it's enabled by looking to the right of the text to see whether it says enable or edit.Background: So basically I'm trying to setup a blog but I'm running into serious issues trying to simply get the blog posts to display themselves. I put some of my own CSS into this stylesheet along with the parts that were auto-generated.

To do so, add a contextual filter in your view, on content nid, give default value : content nid from url. So "/news/12" hits this view and grabs data from news content type with id 12.I have an issue in Drupal with getting node content to display itself.I suspect it could have to with the CSS styling, although I'm not 100% sure what's causing the issue.You can then edit that setting and then edit the content and choose Node Take the leading '/' character out of your page path for the view - internal Drupal paths should generally never have that, but the system will prepend the configured base path to paths on your behalf (and it is probably already a '/'). I found this is really robust and versatile to create a RSS feed easily from Drupal contents.

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TIP: It would almost better to have the content filtered before you import the nodes into Drupal. For example, feeds cannot update via cron, they have to be updated manually.