Pof dating website

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Pof dating website

) took down two others I posted - one with bunny ears and another for no valid reason whatsoever, telling me they did not meet their new extreme requirements (you must post only clear face and body shots). Oh but what do I see - ah yes, TONS of MEN using filters (some e.g.

dog ears and nose, obstructing their faces completely!

While I didn't approach this platform in the hopes of 'meeting someone' (I was simply doing research), I did create a genuine profile and was open to having some real conversations (spoiler alert - that never happened).

Instead, I was flooded (immediately) with sexually threatening messages.

Yet in spite of their poor condition and quality, due to their extreme numbers advantage, they expect you to be Prince Charming.

Guys, it's high time we get off the couch and ditch these types of sites!!

My first POF account actually got deleted after I was reported for being fake. | Relationship Chemistry Predictor | Relationship Needs Assessment Or, take our new psychological assessment that will tell you what you really want versus what you say you want. I would not give any of these women the time of day if I were to meet them on the street.We do not disclose, sell or rent any personally identifiable information to any third party organizations.You are not required to submit any information you are not comfortable with.

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and those who send the cancellation text are the ones who have a small shred of decency. What they don't realize is that if they do catch someone out of their league, that catch is temporary and unrealistic. Online dating is a waste but pof is the bottom of the barrel and the worst of the worst!!