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had a long tail but a very small head and a minuscule brain.

For protection against predators, it relied upon a heavy coat of thick bony plates and knobs that covered its back.

E Hill, a prominent dentist from the Scranton area, donated the mummy to the Everhart Museum in 1923. Hill received the mummy from his father following a stint in Peru. Because the fragile mummy is in the fetal position and enclosed in a sealed glass case, Geisinger experts could not use CT scan technology. Traditions of ancient Andean cultures will be explored through photography, textiles, ceramics, tools and burial practices. “We have some new research and information, and so we thought it would be a good time to showcase the mummy and some of the other South American artifacts from our collection,” Everhart Museum Curator Francesca Saldan said.

Museum neighbor GCMC offered to use its technology to help answer some of those unknowns. I think we made some interesting observations and contributed to answering some of the museum’s questions,” said Dr. Sauerwine, medical director for Geisinger Radiology. “Evaluation of the mummy was akin to investigating a detective mystery. Sauerwine and I both enjoyed evaluating the mummified remains,” said Dr. “Sharing and discussing our findings with each other, I believe yielded a comprehensive, respectful and significant evaluation of the decedent.” will be on display March 9 through April 7 and open to the public on weekends.

See the original saloon where the “Law West of the Pecos” held court and the opera house he built in honor of the famous singer Lillian Langtry.

Nodosaurids (family Nodosauridae) and ankylosaurids (family Ankylosauridae) are the two commonly recognized groups within Ankylosauria, the armoured dinosaurs.

About the Everhart Museum: Founded in 1908, the Everhart Museum of Natural History, Science & Art is the largest general museum in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

The Everhart Museum, located in Nay Aug Park in Scranton, is a not-for-profit institution dedicated to the collection, care and display of a diverse array of artifacts, including natural history, science, and fine arts.

Nodosaurids lacked the tail club of ankylosaurids, and their skulls were generally not as short or broad, nor was the skull covered with protective plates (scutes).

– The Everhart Museum and Geisinger Community Medical Center (GCMC) are using modern technology to bring life to a centuries-old Peruvian mummy that has been taken out of storage to be briefly featured in the exhibition Preserved: Traditions of the Andes. Other than that, very little is known about the mummy although it has been identified as belonging to the Paracas culture one of the oldest cultures of South America dating back to 800 – 100 B. Through the study of the mummy and the objects on view, the exhibition will also focus on the topic of preservation and the science behind it as well as addressing issues that face indigenous Andean communities today.

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