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Platform escapement clock dating

It wont get a really dirty clock going again but it will give a lightly soiled clock another couple of years service before it needs it doing properly by somebody like me.If you have a low value clock you want to repair get going just because you feel like it this is a great way of making fast cheap progress.With over 6000 Clock Parts available, Perrin's offers you a "one stop shop".In the unlikely instance that you can't find what you are looking for call, fax or email us!This means its thicker at one end and will only be removable from the thick end.Get a magnifying glass on it and decide which end it is you want before you try to remove it.A lot of the time the main issue with failing clocks is that the main springs are worn down and are not delivering the power the clock needs to run efficiently, if at all.If a clock has been left standing fully wound but not running for a few years the springs take the form of the arbour they are tensioned on an lose power – I see a lot of that.

My point is that it needs come out even if you can get the movement out without doing so because its fragile and gets easily caught by the snaggy and nature of clock movements generally. Ill come to how you can avoid this but generally speaking you need to get the plates apart for the following reasons.

You need the thing to tick over under its own steam to diagnose problems beyond cleaning so its pretty much always the first job on the list. Almost all clock hands are held on by one of two methods and you have to get them off to remove the movement from the case. You need to remove the lynch pin that is threaded through the centre spigot.

Whats not obvious is that this pin is usually tapered.

Once you’ve done what cleaning you can then you need to rinse the area that been submerged in boiled kettle water (careful not to get any in the barrells). I get all mine from Priory Polishes which is an old fashioned business with all the right stuff.

Kettle water has the minerals such as calcium carbonate partially removed so any residue left by the drying water will be kept to a minimum. I wont recommend specific products but have a look at the site as they do all sorts of restoration reagents including amonia based cleaning agents you can use for your immersion clean.

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Now put a cloth or cardboard template over the face to avoid scratching it if you slip while removing the pin.

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