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Mr Thomas therefore decided in about 2012 or 2013 to do background checks, for example by reference to the Land Registry.

All members had to give information about their work, and they had to be wealthy.

She kept in touch with the business through her managers, and would generally only be in contact with matchmakers if Mr Thomas was away.

It seems that Mr Thomas took over from her as managing director in 2011, but left the company in 2016 to live with his partner in Sweden.

In the circumstances, she would consider her well off.

She did not believe that Georgina Barnett (the current head of membership) would have been content with a potential member claiming to have a lot of money, without some checks being made. The agency's database, which had grown from the group of counselling clients with whom Ms Ambrose started business, consisted of (i) current members (paying members who were entitled to receive its matchmaking services), (ii) former members (whose contracts had expired but were still available to be matched), and (iii) individuals who had been approached by the agency, had not entered into any contract with the agency, but were prepared to be put on the database to be matched. Explaining the third category, Ms Ambrose said that there were successful people who wanted relationships and were good matchmaking assets, but did not want to join dating agencies, yet were prepared to consider matches offered by 70/30.

It appears to have been for that reason that none of them gave evidence. The court heard a great deal about a number of men whose details, or 'profiles', were either supplied to Ms Burki or, on the agency's case, were available to be supplied to her as potential matches.

Asked about the evidence of Alexandra Wilson, a member from 2013 to 2015, that she herself had negligible wealth, Ms Ambrose said that she would have to check the database to know whether that was true, but she knew that the database showed that she had bought a flat in an expensive area.Before she did so, she carried out some online research. Its first members were clients of Ms Ambrose's counselling practice, for whom she started matchmaking.She looked at the agency's website, which told her that it was an 'Exclusive Matchmaking and Elite Introduction Agency' and offered a 'quintessential, world class matchmaking service to a sophisticated and particular clientele'. It was her evidence that its dating model was based on an integrated approach which looked at the values, lifestyle, beliefs and goals of its members, and it had succeeded in matching at least 6,429 individuals who had gone on to have long-lasting relationships.He dealt with people categorised on the database as 'hot': they were good looking, high profile people.She said that none of the staff was being called as a witness, because they all started to work for the agency after May 2015, when Ms Burki disengaged with the matchmaking process. According to Ms Ambrose, the agency maintains a database of men and women who could be described as wealthy and/or successful.

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Ms Ambrose told the court that he now lives abroad and was unwilling to spend time becoming involved in this litigation.