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We had sat at the table, talking, I observed that as soon as I held my hand up her arm to her shoulder, she blushed and once even laughed, probably from embarrassment and kept saying – “what are you doing?

” And she also asked me not pay attention to that phrase. In general the dating time was drawing to a close, and I walked her to the bus stop.

First of all went for a walk, and talked on various topics; I liked her at the very start of our date immediately and within some time I was attracted even more and more how natural and shy she is.

In the course of communication I was using my tricks, positive conversation, smile and even some pick up skills, but…

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I am really happy I understood that and within some time kept dating with her.

I have noticed before that she is very shy and was afraid of many things.

When she came into the room she was very pleasantly surprised and told me nobody has ever made such romantic surprises for her.

I decided to visit the country in search of girls and to explore women of this country better as I have never been to Latvia before. She was on the second year of studying at the university, but she was not native inhabitant of Latvian capital, before entering the university she lived in some small Latvian town far from the big cities; as I got to know later her family was quite poor, at least it seemed to me like that.

The first date with Latvian girl was near the bus stop close to downtown.

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have the prettiest faces among all women in Europe.

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