Gene dating service

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Gene dating service

Just order a DNA kit, spit in the tube, mail it in and wait for the verdict.

So, should you drop US9.99 a year for a perfect match and eternal happiness – or is Singld Out s(m)elling a load of crap?

For some people this is important, for others it isn’t.

You make your own decision on how important each component is to you.

I am more worried about Corporations than governments.

This is because more varied MHC genes may code for antibodies that are better able to detect and respond to a wider range of pathogens.

Evolution may have selected for this attraction to dissimilar immune systems in mates, producing offspring with greater MHC diversity.

One method of assessing immune function is through sense of smell, as MHC-byproducts occur in bodily fluids such as sweat and saliva.

The evolution of odour preference When we think about the evolutionary threats faced by our ancestors, we like to imagine sabre-tooth tigers and angry, spear-wielding tribesmen.

In reality, a great deal of natural, and indeed sexual selection, was driven by the pervasive threat of communicable disease.

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The dating site, in conjunction with a company called Instant Chemistry, offers its subscribers a DNA-based compatibility check of the genes underlying natural body scent.

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