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This is dorset dating

The Pre-Dorset is generally restricted to the Low Arctic, and given that incursions to the High Arctic are rare, incursions into Greenland from the High Arctic are even rarer.Grønnow and Jensen (20-43) ascribe one small site in Greenland to the Pre-Dorset, the only one to date.At the site of Port Refuge on the Grinnell Peninsula, Devon Island, Mc Ghee (1979) distinguished two sets of occupations, one that he ascribed to the Independence I culture, the other to Pre-Dorset.Due to the often poor preservation of organic material and the fact that bones from marine mammals can appear older with radiocarbon dating than their actual age (the marine reservoir effect), it is typically difficult to date Arctic sites.

To Taylor (1968) and Maxwell (1973), however, the Pre-Dorset were a distinct cultural entity, ancestral to the Dorset, and that lived in the Low Arctic of Canada with a number of incursions into High Arctic.

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Dorset is also known as the Jurassic Coast, and has more than half of it's land designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

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