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Who is dating the jonas brothers

By 2010, according to leaked Disney research, the ruthlessly fickle tween audience was obsessed with a different kind of franchise: Twilight and star Taylor Lautner.“If you went to school with a JB backpack, other people might think you’re dorky,” one young girl told Disney’s marketing team.The cultural fascination with male virgins made the Jonas Brothers the most famous — and surveilled — possessors of Christian virtue after Britney Spears and before the recent Bachelor Colton Underwood.Yet beyond their famous purity rings and tabloid-friendly dating lives, the brothers struggled to successfully define themselves musically as they (and their fans) grew up.Their subsequent success — with the 2007 follow-up Jonas Brothers — came not thanks to some kind of major reinvention, but with their backing by Disney, and its Hollywood Records label, which gave them a built-in platform and audience.They had already written and contributed to Disney soundtracks in their Columbia days, so the move made sense.

They nabbed the opening spot on Miley Cyrus’s tour and the first album went platinum, effectively going from opening act to arena headliners in six weeks.

The Jonas Brothers are now the first boy band to reach No. Thanks to the synergy of their evolving celebrity and their skill at crafting bops, their comeback is actually breaking through beyond simple nostalgia. Nick Jonas was originally signed as a solo artist to Columbia Records, before an A&R exec decided to package him with his two older brothers — Joe and Kevin — into a group in 2005.

Their first album, 2006’s It’s About Time, included leftover songs from Nick’s solo effort, some of their own compositions, and covers of ’90s boy band LFO and British pop punk band Busted.

The reunion is a standard moment in a boy band’s life cycle.

The New Kids on the Block are still touring — on land and on water.

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