Physical anthropology dating methods

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Physical anthropology dating methods

Present data in the form of posters, presentations, and/or written reports how anthropological information is relevant to personal and community issues.Recognize the ethical implications of research on human subjects.Demonstrate content knowledge in the broad areas of anthropology including evolution, culture, genetics, archaeology and human evolution.UTILIZE APPROPRIATE FIELDWORK TECHNIQUES FOR ANTHROPOLOGY. (PSLO 4) Conduct participation observation studies. Take appropriate field notes while conducting participant observation studies.Analyze the logic of multiple choice questions and choose the correct response from among related items.Write clear responses to essay question prompts without including extraneous information or omitting information necessary to provide a clear answer.Upon completion of this program, the student will be able to: DEMONSTRATE UNDERSTANDING OF THE PROCESSES OF SCIENCE, THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD, AND THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH AND ESTABLISHED KNOWLEDGE.(PSLO 1) Recognize the way in which research leads to generally accepted conclusions and the integration of new research data with the building of a body of scientific knowledge.

(PSLO 3) Demonstrate problem solving abilities in major content areas of Anthropology including evolution, genetics, culture, archaeology and human evolution.


(PSLO 6) Use the Internet in order to gather scientific information, including the ability to recognize the relevance and scientific validity (or lack thereof) of information when found.

The field of Anthropology has been broken up into four main sub-fields: Cultural Anthropology, Physical Anthropology, Archaeology and Linguistics.

Physical Anthropologists aim to study our species from a biological perspective- examining our DNA, relationship to our closest animal relatives, the primates and the fossil evidence of our earliest human ancestors.

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Recognize that the information presented in science textbooks and other established "authorities" is the result of research conducted in the field or the lab and is based on an accumulation of data. CLEARLY EXPRESS SELF WHEN WRITING OR SPEAKING ABOUT ANTHROPOLOGY DEMONSTRATING KNOWLEDGE OF BASIC ANTHROPOLOGICAL TERMINOLOGY AND UNDERSTANDING MAJOR ANTHROPOLOGICAL CONCEPTS.

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