Updating the economic impacts of the highscope perry preschool program 4 minute speed dating

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Updating the economic impacts of the highscope perry preschool program

Part of the reason for the difference in the second generation, researchers said, was that children of the Perry participants were more likely to grow up in a stable, two-parent home with more resources during childhood.

But new research also posits that these intergenerational effects are still present no matter where families lived – the survey found that Perry families live in neighborhoods similar to, and in some cases worse than, the control group.

For example, the offspring of Perry Preschool Project participants were over 30 percent more likely to have never been suspended from high school than the children of the control group participants.

The children of the people who participated in the preschool program were more likely to be in good health, have a high degree of educational attainment and a history of employment, compared with peers with no connection to the project.

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